Reach File Uploader

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This page allows a user to submit a PubMed document file in NXML format or a plain text file to the Reach information extraction system for processing. The text or PubMed file is uploaded from the user's local computer. Reach processing results are returned directly to the browser, or downloaded to the user's computer, in one of several JSON or CSV formats, selected at the time the input file is uploaded.

To upload a text or NXML file for Reach processing, select the file from your local filesystem by clicking the Choose File button.

Note: For PubMed document files, only valid NXML files with extensions .nxml or .xml are permitted.

Next, select the desired output format for the results:

Choose a text or NXML file for processing:

Click the button above to select a text file or an NXML file (with extension .nxml or .xml) for uploading and processing: